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I worked as a freelance writer in K-12 educational publishing for thirty years, with clients such as Scholastic and Weekly Reader. Meanwhile, I created a micro-publishing company from an original Macintosh in 1985.

In 2014, I self-published many plays for children which were used by hundreds of children around the world thanks to a Google-enabled project called "Macbeth Goes Social."

In 2015, I collapsed with a brain tumor. I woke up in ICU wanting to finish and self-publish two novels I had played with for years. I published them on Amazon just in time for my mother to see them before she died.

In 2016, I began helping others achieve their dream of publishing a book using the various Amazon tools that are free online, but take enormous patience and time to master.


I can publish your book as-is (no editing) which is quick and cheap. I have also ghost-written a book which took months.

Below, you will see some of the many books I have on Amazon and some by clients I've helped.



Annabelle Howard offers an invaluable service to those who have a book "inside of them" longing to get out! I had files and files of poetry and memoir pieces languishing on my computer and in notebooks and a dream of sharing them with family and friends...and then along came Annabelle!

She provided all the technical and editorial skills to make my dream come true! Professional, patient, affirming, friendly, dedicated, and hard working - that is Annabelle! I now have my book available on Amazon! 

I highly recommend her!

Renee S. Bartovics, author of "You Can Take My Word For It" 

I whole-heartedly recommend Annabelle Howard for your publishing project. She is most knowledgeable, and what she doesn't know at-hand she will definitely find out. Annabelle is most talented and possesses an amazingly creative mind. She is tenacious and will not let you down. I have had a wonderful exprience working with Annabelle because she makes it fun and takes the stress out of the project.

Cathrene Valente Youngquist, author of "Caribbean Smiles"

Upgrade your writing skills with Annabelle Howard's publishing services.  Solve plot, character, development, and pacing problems. From first draft to published book

- new and experienced writers -  fiction and non fiction - will learn how to produce a publishable manuscript in a collaborative editorial process based on what Annabelle

Howard has learned writing and publishing her own books. To revise, perfect, and publish your manuscript call Annabelle.

Norman Weissman, author of "The Prodigy"